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Your Personal Health Record

Your Personal Health Record can be accessed through a site called RevolutionPHR. Revolution PHR provides a place for you, our patient, to view your health record with us and communicate with us about your personal health history to make your eye care experience as efficient and convenient as possible.


Why should I sign up for RevolutionPHR?

RevolutionPHR is a portal for you to access your medical history with our office. You can view past and upcoming appointments, track eyeglass and contact lens orders, download your medical record, and more with this site, allowing for a more effective vision care experience.

What is an interview?

Next to every upcoming appointment on your RevolutionPHR portal, there is an option to 'Take Interview'. By completing this interview before your appointment, you can shorten your appointment time and ensure the best use of your time in our office. 

How do I make a RevolutionPHR account?

Contact our office for a username and temporary password to the site. After logging in with these credentials, the site will prompt you to make a permanent password. Once you confirm your new password, your personal health record is ready for use!

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